About NRG Marine's SONIHULL Ultrasonic Anti-fouling Solutions

Fouling on your hull and props can increase fuel consumption by up to 30% and, in raw water pipes, fouling will block cooling systems and cause premature equipment failure.  Environmental legislation covering the use of poisonous metallic biocides in anti-fouling coatings is tightening and marine-based industries are looking for more effective means of preventing unwanted marine growth on their vessels and inside their equipment.

Since 2006, NRG Marine's ground-breaking Sonihull transducer has grown into a complete range of fit-and-forget anti-fouling solutions for any solid surface that is exposed to marine fouling. NRG Marine has protected over 15,000 vessels with its Sonihull Ultrasonic Anti-fouling systems, making it the world's leading ultrasonic anti-fouling specialist.

Sonihull's ultrasound technology protects everything from hulls, shaft, propellers and water-jets to sea chests, tanks, box coolers and pipework, keeping weeds, barnacles and mussels away season-after-season without using any hazardous chemicals, cathodes or paints, with no expensive lift-outs, scraping or high-pressure cleaning.

Marine growth causes billions of dollars of unnecessary downtime and expensive, hazardous repair and maintenance work on commercial vessels every year. From fouled hulls and encrusted propellers on the outside, to clogged pipework, blocked heat exchangers and infested tanks on the inside.  Marine growth is attacking every part of your fleet.  Sonihull can keep your vessels and equipment running smoothly.

How Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Works:

Sonihull Systems produce multiple bursts of ultrasonic energy in a range of targeted ultrasonic pulse frequencies.  These pulses are transmitted through the material that the transducer is attached to.

The ultrasound produces a pattern of alternating positive and negative pressure on the surface of the material.  Microscopic bubbles are created during the negative pressure cycle and are imploded during the positive pressure cycle.

This microscopic agitation has a cleansing effect which destroys surface algae. Disrupting this first link in the marine food chain keeps the surface clean and makes it a much less inviting habitat for larger organisms that feed on the algae. The microscopic movement of water prevents barnacle and mussel larvae from embedding on the surface.

Anti-Fouling Protection Inside & Out

Soni8 is the company's latest product. Born from the commercial marine market's demand for a cleaner, more cost-effective way to protect multiple areas and devices against marine bio-fouling, including hulls, structures, tanks, pipes, sea chests, coolers pumps and valves.

With eight independent and programmable outputs, Soni8 can protect every part of your vessel or structure from marine fouling.  Unlike biocidal coatings and impressed-current systems, Soni8 is low cost and low maintenance, with zero poisonous environmental legacy.  With one panel and eight tranducers, Soni8 has all of your equipment covered. 

Items protected include:

  • Inside: sea chests, tanks, keel-coolers, box-coolers, pipework, intakes, valves
  • Outside: hulls, structures, shafts, propellers, waterjets, stern drives, steering gear

Key Features of Soni8

Zero Environment Impact No poisonous environmental legacy from biocides or metallic compounds. Zero interference with SONAR arrays or black box recovery equipment.

Low Maintenance No expensive anodes to replace, no specialist fittings, drydocking or current isolation required.

Microbial Control Suppresses Diesel bug in stored fuel and keeps potable water fresher for longer.

8 Independent Transducers Soni8 effectively opens the market for large installations, where multiple surfaces and equipment can now be protected by one unit.

Intelligent Multi-material Commissioning Operators can select different resonance algorithms for each ultrasonic transducer to suit the different materials or structures being protected.

 Networks With Upto 32 units A potential network of 256 independently controlled and centrally managed transducers, ideal for large installations or multiple areas of protection.

Can Connect Upto 80m Away Transducers are impedance matched, enabling cable lengths to be extended to 80 meters with no loss in performance. This makes Soni8 suitable for modular pre-fabricated constructions.


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