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GLASS POLISH Manufacture, a world leader in scratched Glass repair, provides Quality world class smart repair products for professional and home use. They developed a unique distortion-free glass scratch removal process exceeding any industry standards. The company take pride for developing GP-WIZ the fastest, most cost-effective professional glass restoration systems in the world, Independent test have proven that using our system will reduce the ‘R’ value of the glass, uniform the surface increasing glass strength by 35%.

We have Large range of Restoration and Protection products for glass, plastic, acrylic, metal, and other surfaces. Using the Glass Polish products you can have the confidence of knowing the job will be done once and done right! We have been servicing the market for over 10 years using the same products to repair any type of damage across all types of glass installation. We have built a reputation for high quality, reliability and value for money. We believe great products and services make a great business.



Plastic and Acrylic DIY Restoration Kit for use with a electric drill

Restores Heavy Damage, Scratches, Hazy, Foggy or Yellow Plastics, Mineral Deposits and Water Marks


Description/ Specifications/ Reviews

Our Plastic and Acrylic DIY Restoration  Kit is designed for use with an electric drill. This kit will allow you to restore scratches, hazy or foggy plastics and acrylics.  It’s very easy to use it is the ideal solution for do-it-yourself repairs.  Can be used on many types of plastic or acrylic applications including Windows, Shower Screens, Helmet Visors, Car Dash Boards, furniture and much more.

Polish away scratches, scuffs, surface marks and water stains. Restore hazy, foggy, discoloured plastic / acrylic surface. Easy to use kit it is the ideal solution for DIY repairs. Designed to be used with electric drill at recommended speed of 1000rpm. Can be used on plastics and any type of acrylic surfaces (except polycarbonate) Comes with easy to follow step by step instructions – video tutorial is available on our youtube channel.



Velcro Backing Pad (with drill attachment)

50ml Cutting Compound A

50ml Polishing Compound B

2 x Rayon Velour Backed Felt Polishing Pads EXTRA GRIP

10 x GP20 Ultra-Fine abrasive discs

Micro Fibre cloth




*Spindle Pad size: 2''50mm (for small damaged areas or to get close to the edge / corner of the glass) 3''75mm (for larger damaged areas - for easier control during polishing process)


*Polishing Compound upgrade to: 100ml (to cover approximately 4sqm area) 250ml (to cover approximately 10sqm area)500ml (to cover approximately 20sqm area)


*Polishing Pads upgrade to: 5 Pads (recommended along with 100ml bottle of polishing compounds)10 Pads (recommended along with 250 -500ml bottles of polishing compounds)


*Abrasive Disc upgrade to: 10 Discs (to cover approximately 1sqm area)20 Discs (to cover approximately 2sqm area) 50 Discs (to cover approximately 4-5sqm area)


*Add Surface SealantSurface Sealant is not a requirement but a very nice add on.  It makes the glass super shiny and smooth.  It is a water repellent & has an easy clean coating helping to repel dust and dirt particles for easier maintenance.


NOTE:*Using an electric drill make sure to NOT exceed a recommended speed of 1000rpm.*DO NOT USE on polycarbonate.