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The Company


WhisperPower was founded in 2007 for the manufacture and worldwide sale of diesel generators and related items, which had been sold until this point under the brand name Mastervolt. Since then, the company has quickly and successfully grown and developed especially in terms of innovation and quality.

In 2009 Hybrid Power Systems BV was founded to develop and produce combined hybrid power and propulsion systems for superyachts and commercial vessels. Since 2010, the product portfolio has been significantly expanded with products and components which form complete electrical systems for vehicles, vessels or locations which do not have (permanent) connection to the public grid. They can be assembled for plug and play solutions. WhisperPower has used its years of experience in developing systems containing a diesel engine to develop in-house, a new generation of power electronics. The product range covers power range options from 500 watts to 500 kW.


The DNA of WhisperPower


At WhisperPower we are driven by a distinctive challenge: our products are only seen as perfect when you can neither see nor hear them. With this in mind, all our innovation efforts are geared towards creating silent and vibration-free generators and electrical systems that do their work without interruption. We are not talking about loose components here but a unique combination within our renowned All-in-One PowerStation.

WhisperPower sets itself apart by offering smart innovations that prove their value in everyday operation. In the most challenging conditions, you can fully rely on our PowerStation whether on water, in the air or on land. And that is the reason for our fast growth and worldwide success.




WhisperPower has years of experience in the field of combined generator/electronic systems with extensive knowledge of markets and applications. Our core competences cover the whole spectrum, needed to develop ‘hybrid’ style power systems.




All-In-One Power Station

Generators (high rpm)

Generators (low rpm)

Generators (programmable rpm

Generator systems (high power)

Alternator systems

Sinewave inverter / charger

Battery Chargers

Sine wave inverters

Isolation transformers

Isolation blockers

Transfer switches


Battery monitoring

Battery isolators

Battery switches

DC/DC converters

Remote Control panels

Shore Power Connections

Solar systems

System accessories

Hybrid Systems


Recreational Marine


Commercial Marine Portal

A well performing energy system is an absolute must in a pleasure yachts. A wide variety of products and systems can be supplied from stock from small 120 / 230 / 380 VAC diesel generators, DC generators to charge 12, 24 or 48 VDC batteries, up to sine wave inverters, battery chargers and long life batteries. The new hybrid style Genverter generators ensure quieter and cost-effective provision of electrical power. Our systems use less fuel.

Either for primary power provision or emergency back-up (including UPS functionality) power, WhisperPower has the best solutions. All our products comply with CE and ABYC regulations and can be certified, optional, to GL/DNV/Lloyds or ABS standards.

Our fixed RPM generators are approved to the Russian River Register and Chinese standards. WhisperPower’s sister company Hybrid Power Systems BV is the premium company to offer combined hybrid propulsion systems from 25 kW – 250 kW.



Basic System Marine
20-30 ft
Advanced System Marine
30-40 ft
Admiral System Marine
40-50 ft
Royal System Marine
50-60 ft
SuperYacht System
80 ft plus
Hybrid Propulsion & Power

All-In-One Power Station


Generators (high rpm)


Generators (low rpm)


Generators (programmable rpm)

Generator Systems (high power)


Alternator Systems


Sinewave Inverter / Charger


Battery Chargers


Isolation Transformers




Battery Isolators


System Accessories



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Commercial Marine


Commercial Marine Portal

Design and manufacturing of compact, ultra silent and powerful generator and inverter / battery systems, this is our main activity in the field of small size professional craft. Our standard SQ models fit perfect in a small location, and can be stowed away entirely thanks to the all-water cooling concept. The ‘whispering’ sound level is appreciated by the on-board crew, while the fleet manager is happy to see the substantial cost reduction of fuel and maintenance costs. Generator power ratings from 3 kW up to 50 kW, inverter power from 1kW - 20kW.




All-In-One Power Station



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