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Solar Bollard Lighting

Welcome to Solar Bollard Lighting, home of the SBL Series Range of outdoor commercial grade solar powered LED bollards, designed and manufactured right here in Australia as an ideal choice for architectural, commercial, and landscape lighting applications.

Visual appeal combined with high quality construction and superior solar power performance make the SBL Series an excellent inclusion where VANDAL RESISTANT high quality low level and low maintenance lighting is required.

Hence why Solar Bollard Lighting offer such a diverse range of Vandal Resistant solar powered LED bollards.

Their aim is to ensure we satisfy your varying lighting requirements by offering additional reflector designs for light control to pole systems from buried in ground to wall mounted units.

Solar Bollard Lighting is a trading business owned by Key Wholesalers Pty Ltd based in Queensland Australia who was the main R&D company for all the groups solar lighting solutions dating back to 2003 and first developed our unique bollard design shape in late 2005 before starting production overseas in early 2006 of the first generation series of the solar bollard range.

Key Wholesalers Pty Ltd is a subsidiary trading company of Key Logic Pty Ltd the owner of all the solar bollard designs including the current SBL Series Registered Design No. 332890 which was first designed starting in late 2008 before final pre-production in 2009, ensured we had rectified any possible issues that the first generation had encountered.

With a decision in January 2009 by the parent company members to bring a majority of production operations of the group back to Australia the next generation became a Australian Made reality and was sold under license through another trading company as it had done with the first generation version.

The license agreement terminated in November 2013 with this other trading company when Solar Bollard Lighting took control again of all sales and manufacturing of the SBL Series product line and developed the new Reflector option upgrades.

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Solar Bollard Lighting's world renowned Vandal Resistant and Maintenance Free SBL Series Solar Bollards with a real 5 year 100% replacement warranty are proven to operate in the harshest and most diverse conditions from:

  • Alberta Canada where 2 of our model sizes the SBL75 and SBL120 run daily mid-winter for up to 16.93 hours per night in subzero temperatures, then being snow covered until 10am each day without dimming or failing. Our SBL75 has the capability of up to 19 hour nightly run times with minimal solar requirement for recharge.
  • Around Australian and other global sea front communities in heavy salt environments where our mid-range SBL150 and SBL120 units are mostly utilized
  • The very hot climates of Dubai UAE and Central Australia’s harsh mining sector with 50oC days where our most powerful unit the SBL210 is utilized.



Solar Bollard Lighting is Vandal Resistant and Maintenance Free. SBL Series standard model is the "ORIGINAL" Outdoor Solar LED Pole Top Bollard Commercial light that works continuously anywhere with various power models up to 18 hours per night to ensure 365 days of full power dusk until dawn operation.

Proving over its long to market history is the No.1 ORIGINAL commercial grade vandal resistant solar bollard, solar pathway light or solar garden light available for use on solar path lighting, solar jetty lighting, solar pontoon lighting, solar landscape lighting, solar garden lighting, and so many other solar lighting applications with a 5 year Australian manufacturer backed proven warranty including battery by our company started and registered in October 2003 with first model generation to market in December 2005.

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Key Benefits

  • Superior vandal resistance - proven history
  • No power bills - off grid so no power outages ever
  • SAFE - Extra Low Voltage anyone can install
  • Low installed cost and minimal site impact
  • No trenching, cabling or wiring
  • 8 Years of product design expertise and market history
  • Virtually maintenance free with no on-going costs
  • Deployment anywhere there is some direct sunshine
  • Removable, relocatable and can be temporary
  • Provide a green statement reducing carbon emissions
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At Solar Bollard Lighting focus on specific solar lighting requirements within the public lighting and infrastructure sectors with their SBL Series Solar Bollard for some of the following application examples:

  • Solar Marina Lighting
  • Solar Pathway Lighting
  • Solar Stairway Lighting
  • Solar Pole Top Lighting
  • Solar Landscape Lighting
  • Solar Pontoon Lighting<
  • Solar Garden Lighting<
  • Solar Driveway Lighting<
  • Solar Emergency Lighting<
  • Solar Entry Delineation Lighting<
  • Solar Jetty Lighting
  • Solar Walkway Lighting
  • Solar Street Lighting
  • Solar Play Ground Lighting
  • Solar Perimeter Security Lighting


Solar Bollard Lighting's SBL Series Solar LED Bollard top dome design tries to ensure birds cannot utilize the solar bollard as a resting point like other competitor products as there is no flat surface or edge for them to grip on to. Having birds rest or nest on top of a solar bollard reduces dramatically the amount of irradiation into the solar module thus reducing recharge capabilities and imminent failure especially around coastal communities. This also eliminates the need for bird spikes and any harm to wildlife.

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